Dr. Durga Suryadevara attended The University of Cincinnati where she earned a dual major in psychology and biology. Subsequently she graduated from AUC School of Medicine in the British West Indies, and pursued psychiatric training at The Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine Psychiatry Residency program. She developed an interest in several areas of psychiatry including psychotherapy, neuropsychiatry, eating disorders, and women’s issues, marital issues, as well as disorders dealing with anxiety and depression. She is certified to practice psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Psychiatry is her passion, and she enjoys helping people achieve mental health by way of medications, and/or psychotherapy.

Dr. Durga’s approach to diagnosis and treatment includes a thorough evaluation including a comprehensive medical, psychiatric and social history, lab-work, a medication regimen that is effective with minimal side effects, and a therapeutic alliance between herself and her patient. It is difficult enough to meet the many responsibilities of life when we are in good health. When depression, anxiety, or other problems arise, it makes life that much more difficult to cope with. Dr. Durga’s approach to helping others is solidly grounded in science but her ability for empathy and compassion are the qualities that allow her to understand others’ innermost feelings and thoughts. She views the practice of psychiatry as a privilege and hopes to ease the pain that is brought on by mental illness.

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